Soka Bau

Wiesbaden, Germany


"It was not only the economic efficiency of the building that was important to us during construction. Idealistic goals also played an important role. In addition to a modern building that is especially designed for longevity, a good working environment for the users was to be created through appropriate garden and landscape planning.

The interplay between the building and the open space is also decisive for an optimal relationship between working and recreational areas. Our claim is to constantly develop or adapt the natural design of the company premises to meet the requirements of the development of society, the environment, etc. For this reason, more and more aspects of biodiversity, species protection and species diversity are becoming the focus of our further planning and implementation."

-Head of Asset Management, Werner Schneider


SOKA-BAU is the umbrella brand of the holiday and wage compensation fund of the construction industry and the supplementary pension fund of Beugewerbes AG. As a service provider, we manage, among other things, the holiday scheme, the additional pension scheme in the construction industry and the financing of vocational training.

Description of measures

The entire property has a green roof, both intensive and extensive. There are areas with facade greenery (ivy, wild vine).
An insect and bird watering place has been installed and several colonies of city bees have been settled. A hotel for wild bees has been created.
Nesting aids for birds and bats were hung up in many places.
There are about 200 trees on the site, in addition there is a lush stock of shrubs and lawns
In the company kindergarten, fruit trees (apples) were planted and raised beds were created.

Positive results of measures

The employees use the outdoor facilities very actively, the places with benches are well accepted. As the property has no border buildings with fences or similar, the areas are also used by the public, visitors and the neighbourhood as a rest area.

A large number of birds, insects, squirrels etc. can be observed in the outdoor area. Garden dormouse and martens are also regularly spotted.

Motivation and goals

The planning objective of the architecture was generally to integrate a green roof as well as generous green spaces, inner courtyards and patios.
The ideas for biodiversity are the initiative of the building services department, implemented by its gardeners.
Further impulses came from the project "ÖKOPROFIT WIESBADEN".

Maintenance concept

The care is mainly carried out by the two permanently employed master gardeners/gardeners. During the peak periods of vegetation maintenance is supplemented by subcontractors from the GALA construction department.

Costs for design and maintenance

The costs for the maintenance of the facilities consist mainly of the personnel costs of the two permanently employed gardeners and approx. 30,000 Euro/a for external services by subcontractors.


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