BOP Principles

BOP is flexible and meets the company’s needs. Some principles form the basis of all BOP activities and measures:

  • Minimize sealing to allow animal migrations between habitats and biotopes and to allow rainwater uptake
  • Retaining rainwater for flood prevention and groundwater recharge
  • Creating sites low in nutrients for more colourful and diverse plant communities
  • Use of native plants, as they have become rare in their dispersal and the areas gained become stepping stones, thus strengthening the green infrastructure.
  • No use of chemical fertilizers pesticides or insecticides to prevent poisoning of beneficial and rare species as well as all other organisms
  • Promotion of habitat diversity to stimulate a stable ecosystem
  • Allow wildlife in some areas, so that the dense vegetation can provide habitats
  • Pay attention to differentiated maintenance, since the natural elements develop and fully unfold with the maintenance

Here you will find examples of how you can put these principles into practice.

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Join BooGI-BOP

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