Rankweil, Austria


"Together with the participating planners and executing companies, we have succeeded in creating a small oasis in the middle of an environment of intensively used areas for agriculture and trade. In the process, we are using the intelligence of nature to show our employees the great capital of an intact environment and to benefit from it."


We are a private bus company in the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley and have specialised in public transport. As the operator of the Feldkirch city bus and partner of Landbus Oberes Rheintal, Landbus Walgau and the Vorarlberg Transport Association, we ensure environmentally friendly mobility for over 8 million passengers per year.  

Description of measures

A mighty, 50-year-old copper beech forms the centre point of the parking and manoeuvring areas (partially infiltrated as gravel lawn). In the shade of this beech tree, a large oasis of calm, lined by a privet hedge, was created for the employees. Along the western front a large ruderal area (dry location) has been created. Species-rich flower meadows develop on two sides of the area. The stock of fruit trees has been preserved and supplemented. The created retention basin offers valuable habitat as a wetland biotope, various piles of branches and stones give animals necessary shelter. The flat roof of the carport was designed as an extensive green roof. The entrance area is bordered by two planted dry stone walls. A total of 15 trees, 300 wild shrubs, perennials and 450 herbs and wild flowers were planted.


Positive results of measures

Just one year after implementation, a surprisingly large number of butterflies, wild bees, bumblebees and other insects colonized the new wild plants. With the development of the flower meadows and wild bushes, various bird species have found a new habitat on our site. From time to time weasels, hedgehogs, blindworms, lizards, etc. can be observed. The break area is regularly used by our staff for breaks, exchange of experiences and small celebrations. Business partners, visitors and the media have often been impressed by the diversity and richness of species in our natural garden.  

Motivation and goals

The reason for the nature-oriented design of our company premises was the need to expand the parking and shunting areas for our local buses. The most economical use of land and soil and the avoidance of land sealing were our main concerns. In order to achieve an ecological upgrading of our reserve areas, we decided on a professional planning and the creation of an overall concept for the nature-oriented design of our company premises.


Maintenance concept

There is a maintenance contract with the executing landscaping company. In addition, a specialist for nature-oriented garden maintenance trains and instructs our employees involved in the maintenance. Necessary works are: Weeding, cutting and steering perennial and ruderal areas. Cutting hedges and fruit trees. Mowing flower meadows with a beam mower or mowing by hand. Cutting wild shrubs. Harvesting fallen fruit and berries.

Costs for design and maintenance

Costs for nature-oriented design and execution: approx. € 82.000,--. Costs for nature-oriented maintenance per year: approx. € 6.000,---.


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