European Network of BOP Focal Points


At our current stage, BOPs are not yet a foregone conclusion. Companies need a point of contact where they can get information and vice versa there needs to be an organisation that promotes BOP in the economy and motivates companies. The EU project has laid the foundations for the establishment of so-called "National BOP Focal Points".

There are local initiatives, but they do not exploit the full potential of cooperation, exchange and outreach. A European network offers comprehensive exchange and multiplier effects. National focal points as part of a European network work locally and at the same time join forces and cooperate across national borders.

Our National Focal Points are experts in the field of biodiversity-oriented premises, offering guidance, initial consultation, trainings to companies and other stakeholders involved. The work of the focal points does not end with the green spaces themselves, but also takes a strategic approach to improving the policy framework and ensuring a high standard of quality.

Main tasks of the national focal points:

  • Making biodiversity-friendly premises mainstream in the country
  • To be the competent contact for all questions of biodiversity friendly premises
  • Guaranty the quality of biodiversity-friendly design and implementation
  • Motivate companies to integrate biodiversity into their (environmental) management



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German Sustainable Building Council

The DGNB is a non-profit organization based in Stuttgart with the aim to promote change in the building and property market. The DGNB certification of sustainable buildings, building interiors and districts is worldwide known. Besids the certification the DGNB Academy is imparting the expert knowledge that is needed to understand the requirements of sustainable building. Together with the Lake Constance Foundation, the DGNB is currently developing its certification further, with an explicit focus on biodiversity.




A holistic competence centre for greening buildings offering infrastructure, know-how, instruments, expert knowledge, and opportunities for collaboration for businesses, researchers and the general public. For businesses, GRÜN STATT GRAU offers support in product development and project scoping. A database is available for the general public and researchers. Together with the Greening Building Association, they ensure quality by certifying new and existing products and systems following the standard ÖNORM L1131.


Alliance for Green Infrastructure

AIV is a network of organizations, entities, professionals, academics, academics, researchers and individuals interested in the study, advocacy and promotion of green infrastructure.The AIV is created within the framework of the EU LIFE BooGI-BOP project, and arises from the need to establish a space for collaboration between actors and promoters in the field of green infrastructure in Spain and beyond. The aim is to professionalize and standardize green infrastructure and to create a lobby for the sector in Spain.

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