Brecher Isolier GmbH

Altach, Vorarlberg, Austria


"The effects of climate change are clearly visible in our area and due to the resources used for construction, we wanted to give a little something back to our environment and its creatures. And it paid off!"
- Margot Brecher, Management


We are a small craft company with 3 employees in the field of heat, cold and sound insulation.

Description of measures

The flat roof area of the factory, which is also the roof terrace, was extensively planted with greenery, can be accessed all year and is also used as a reception and work area from time to time. Here, a flowering meadow was sown, a herb corner and several small deadwood corners were created, and small water points invite insects to take a bath or drink.
A flower meadow and a farmer's meadow were laid out around the residential and farm building. A beetle cellar is located in the sheltered area. In autumn, a corner for amphibians is also created. Berry bushes and an apple tree, which enrich the flower meadows, will enrich the breaks with a healthy snack in autumn. In spring and summer, hundreds of insects such as bees, bumblebees, beetles, caterpillars and butterflies visit the flowering area. Birds also like to flit between the blossoms to grab a tidbit. Neighbours and walkers often linger at the meadows.


Positive results of measures

The biggest benefit of the measures we have ourselves, because we not only work here, but also live here. There is a lot of feedback from the local community. It is a little paradise. Many older residents and walkers see themselves transported back to their childhood, where all these different flowers and insects were still part of every home garden and the mown meadows. It is also a valuable measure climatically. Especially in high summer temperatures, it is still possible to linger on the terrace, as the plants provide a natural cooling effect.

Motivation and goals

After a fire burnt down our workplace and warehouse in 2018, we decided to build it back up again. We wanted to situate a flat on the upper floor. We were aware that the fire and the new building would consume a lot of resources. With the nature-oriented design of our roof terrace and garden, we want to make a small contribution to biodiversity.

Characteristics of the area

The property is located in a former floodplain of the Rhine. The climate varies seasonally with warm summers and moderate winters. Due to the valley location, snowfalls have become rather rare in recent years. While temperatures have risen sharply in summer. Basically, the area is located in a high-precipitation area, but longer dry periods can occur in summer.

Maintenance concept

Approx. 20 hours per year. Mowing 2 times a year, occasional removal of infasive plants.

Costs for design and maintenance

The cost of planting the flower meadow and the green roof was insignificantly higher than if we had planted a lawn and gravel area on the roof. Instead of a lawn mower, a beam mower was purchased and instead of the time for weekly mowing, we now have to mow twice a year and sometimes remove things that do not belong in the flower meadows and green roofs.

Benefits of BooGI-BOP project

The initial consultation was quite extensive with a site visit and consultation together with planners and craftsmen. Initial implementation support and contact with a nature-oriented landscape planner was also provided.


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