Hagebaucentrum Holz & Bau GmbH


Home improvement store and garden center  

Iserlohn, Germany

Implemented measures

  • Sowing of perennial flowering meadows and strips, extensification of maintenance measures
  • Natural stone wall and seating stones - implementation during remodeling and expansion
  • Tree plantings and still continuing expansion with perennial flower beds


Maintenance concept and costs  

The costs have remained somewhat the same, but are now distributed differently. There is less mowing and more frequent maintenance.

Individual seeds and plants are lost in the "cost framework" of the overall maintenance - the a long-standing goal is to beautify the entire grounds a little every year.


Characteristics of the area

A home improvement store with an area of 13000 square meters and a correspondingly large number of parking spaces, lined with green areas.

Lessons learned

Extensive care allows flowers to bloom - overall, however, the time at which the "optics tip" is difficult to adjust; in this respect, we are still learning every year


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