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We have compiled a list of companies from various sectors and of various sizes that already design their sites in a near-natural way (in accordance with the criteria of the Swiss Foundation Nature & Economy). Take a look at the measures other companies have taken to make their sites as nature-oriented as possible and let yourself be inspired!


Do you already have your company premises designed in a natural way and would like to tell us about your experiences? Get in touch with us! We are looking for good examples to convince other companies!

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Rankweil, Österreich

Just one year after implementation, a surprisingly large number of butterflies, wild bees, bumblebees and other insects colonized the new wild plants.  

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Wiesbaden, Deutschland

The planning intention of the architecture was generally to integrate a green roof as well as generous green spaces, inner courtyards and patios.

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Brennberg, Deutschland
IRS Systementwicklung GmbH

Rare species of butterflies can now be found on the flower meadows. Lizards use the stone walls and erratic blocks.

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Bad Boll, Deutschland
WALA Heilmittel GmbH

"Diversity is wealth. A colourful meadow instead of a monotonous lawn can be delightful."

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Osnabrück, Deutschland
Steinhake Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau

"We would rather give nature the space it urgently needs."

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Furth im Wald, Deutschland
Robl ZeitLandschaften

"The development goal was to provide a good atmosphere for me, my family, employees, customers and guests."

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Bremen, Deutschland
CWS Fire Safety GmbH

„The protection of the environment is a high-ranking goal in our company. In this way we are facing up to our social responsibility towards employees, the public and the environment."

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Illescas (Toledo), Spanien
Plataforma Central Iberum

PCI has implemented from its beginning the sustainable criteria and the maximum care and respect for the environment that are needed to become the first ecopoligon in Spain.

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Banská Bystrica, Slowakei
Stredoslovenská vodárenská prevádzková spoločnosť, a.s. (StVPS) – Wastewater Treatment Plant Rakytovce

We would like to show that also a large technical premises can become an oasis of biodiversity and contribute to environmental protection of the surrounded area.

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Banská Bystrica, Slowakei
Volkswagen Slovakia

One of the fundamental principles of our company is sustainability. Our 2025 sustainability goal is to reduce the burden on the environment by 45 % and move towards carbon neutrality.

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Altach, Österreich
Brecher Isolier GmbH

We wanted to give a little something back to our environment and its creatures. And it was worth it!

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Praha, Slowakei
Československá obchodní banka

Sustainability and ecology are part of everything we do at ČSOB. We also project our ecological thinking into our sustainable buildings and banking and insurance products.

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Svatopetrská, Slowakei
Areál Svatopetrska

Our goal is to achieve the most economical operation of buildings while ensuring the highest possible comfort for our tenants.

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