Spedition Ansorge GmbH & Co. KG

Singen (Hohentwiel), Germany


Ansorge has already been addressing the question of sustainability for decades. Initiated by Ansorge's contractor Nestlé, the concept of designing the premises in a biodiversity-oriented way was very well received by the business and branch management in Singen. With the aim of giving something back to nature, Ansorge began with the redesign in 2018.



Measures implemented


  • Invasive plants removed
  • Understory thinned where recommended.
  • 400 sq. of lawn milled out and seeded with native wildflower (seeds specific to our region).
  • Nesting boxes were installed for bats, songbirds and kestrels.
  • Vegetation at main entrance completely removed, bed excavated, refilled and planted with insect-friendly native perennials and herbs.
  • Kick-off with Nestlé and Ansorge team: planted approx. 20 native shrubs and re-sanded grass pavers in the car parking lot.
  • Wild herb seeds sown in the parking lot.
  • Biodiversity" information board set up.



  • Lawn care extensified (to reduce nutrient load)
  • Wild growing areas increased from 400 m² to 14,200 m². Only fire department attack areas are kept cleared of wild vegetation
  • Continued monitoring and removal of regrowing invasive vinegar trees.



  • Dead trees removed, 4 native trees planted.
  • Additional dead wood pile placed in the back.
  • Constant monitoring and removal of regrowth vinegar trees.



  • Insect hotel built in collaboration with a volunteer Ansorge team.
  • Constant observation and removal of the regrowing vinegar trees.



  • Confirmation by a beekeeper that next year 2-3 colonies of bees will be settled in the back area, honey will be distributed to employees.

Positive effects

In addition to providing visual enrichment through the planting of diverse native trees and plants that cover the full bloom period of a year, the measures allow for improved retention capacity of the infiltration areas and the provision of habitat structures and food sources for native insects and animals.

Characteristics of the premises

The company premises of Ansorge Logistik are located in the industrial area of the city of Singen. The surrounding area is dominated by sealed surfaces, which makes the ecological upgrading of the existing green spaces all the more important. There were some neophytes on the company premises, such as the vinegar tree and the black locust, which first had to be removed. By planting native shrubs and reducing the size of the green areas to species-rich flowering meadows, native animal and species diversity can now flourish.

All seed mixtures used are native (with proof of origin), perennial and rich in species numbers.


The biodiversity-oriented design is supervised by a maintenance team. Once a year, invasive neophytes (here mainly black locust and vinegar tree), as well as the native but extremely competitive blackberry, are removed manually, so that less competitive native shrubs can also establish themselves in the long term.  

In the meadow areas, maintenance is extensive. The meadows are mowed a maximum of 2 - 3 times per year, and the mown material is removed from all areas after mowing to remove nutrients from the area.  The planting areas in the entrance, the climbing plants (fencing), as well as the tree discs of the young trees are maintained more intensively.


The costs for the preparation (among other things control of the neophytes, milling out the lawns, seeds and seedlings, nesting boxes) were approximately 10,000 €.


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