Success stories


We have compiled a list of companies from various sectors and of various sizes that already design their sites in a near-natural way (in accordance with the criteria of the Swiss Foundation Nature & Economy). Take a look at the measures other companies have taken to make their sites as nature-oriented as possible and let yourself be inspired!


Do you already have your company premises designed in a natural way and would like to tell us about your experiences? Get in touch with us! We are looking for good examples to convince other companies!



Banská Bystrica, Slowakei
Stredoslovenská vodárenská prevádzková spoločnosť, a. s. – prevádzka ČOV Rakytovce

Stredoslovenská vodárenská prevádzková spoločnosť je vodárenská spoločnosť s regionálnou pôsobnosťou, člen skupiny Veolia Slovensko.



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