Humming and blossoming are on track!

Flowering meadow © Deutsche Bahn
Flowering meadow © Deutsche Bahn


As one of the largest landholders in Germany, Deutsche Bahn has a special responsibility for the preservation of biological diversity. With hundreds or thousands of sites and individual areas, this is no easy task. This is why Deutsche Bahn and the partners of LIFE BooGI-BOP are working together to achieve pragmatic solutions for improved consideration of biodiversity in property management.

The first results have been achieved at the Rummelsburg site: a wildflower mixture has now been seeded there instead of landscape lawns, the maintenance has been changed and trainees have set up nesting aids for bumblebees!

The cooperation between LIFE BooGI-BOP and Deutsche Bahn is one of the numerous projects of "That's green":  .



Nesting aids © Deutsche Bahn


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