Many possibilities

Typical company sites have many options for biodiversity-oriented design: starting with basic measures such as nesting boxes, deadwood piles and flower strips, companies can also implement complex measures such as green roofs and open water bodies. No two company sites are the same! You may select suitable measures, depending on your needs, budget and effort. The basic principles of design and management are well established and ensure the creation and conservation of habitats for flora and fauna. Some design elements also improve the well-being, creativity and productivity of employees, guests and neighbours.

It's about design and functionality

Talking about biodiversity-oriented sites, people may think of wild growth and uncontrolled nature. This is not necessarily, what BOP aims for. Instead, biodiversity-oriented premises keep the esthetical potential to be designed and maintained according to your preferences and needs, assuring all operating procedures.

Apart of the benefits for biodiversity and functionality, BOP premises may reduce maintenance efforts, as all plants and materials used are well adapted to local conditions. In addition, the design develops and unfolds through differentiated maintenance. You can observe how your premises quickly becomes a place of diversity and recreation.

Measures for more biodiversity on your premises

We will soon introduce you to various measures and elements of biodiversity-oriented design.

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