Biodiversity-oriented design

Biodiversity-oriented design of business premises (BOP) is a pragmatic approach to contribute to the protection of biodiversity. Biodiversity-oriented measures, such as flower meadows, hedges, green roofs and water bodies, provide important permanent or temporary habitats for local fauna and flora and help to build a network of habitats, biotope corridors and green infrastructure. In addition, biodiversity-oriented sites offer employees and guests a place to recreate.

In terms of function, biodiversity-oriented company sites do not differ from a usual company site: the main function of the location is to facilitate economic activities that are not affected by the biodiversity-oriented design. Where it does not disrupt business operations, areas for more biodiversity and a higher quality of stay for employees arise! The Swiss Foundation Stiftung Natur & Wirtschaft calls a site biodiversity-oriented if 30% of the undeveloped area is designed according to biodiversity-oriented principles.  

It's worth it!

  • Contribution to the conservation of biodiversity: A biodiversity-oriented design improves the ecological infrastructure in and around the site. In this way, companies contribute to the protection and strengthening of biodiversity and at the same time improve the overall attractiveness of their premises. It is also a meaningful measure within the framework of environmental management according to EMAS or ISO 14001.
  • Living responsibility: Biodiversity-oriented company sites indicate a future-oriented company taking responsible and sustainable care for people and the environment.
  • Increased functionality: Biodiversity-oriented design improves the functionality of a site in many ways. As an example, green roofs can reduce the necessity for air-conditioning (thus saving energy), improve the microclimate and the quality of stay for employees and guests.
  • Good working atmosphere: Biodiversity-oriented design offers good opportunities to sensitize and actively involve employees for biodiversity, improves the working atmosphere and increases employees' identification with the company.

A valuable contribution to the protection of biodiversity!

Biodiversity encompasses the diversity of life. But only little space is left for Europe’s flora and fauna. In the EU up to 80 % of the area is used for urbanization and transport infrastructure, agricultural and forestry production and industrial areas. The loss of ecosystems and species is not just an environmental problem. Research indicates that human economy and society depend in many ways on intact nature and ecosystem services: nature provides valuable raw materials, regulates the water balance and protects from soil erosion - to name just a few examples.

Biodiversity-oriented premises can contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and to the well-being of employees and society that should not be underestimated.

Join BooGI-BOP

Join BooGI-BOP

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  • The LIFE BooGI-BOP team offers guidance to companies to decide on what BOP-measures are feasible and reasonable to implement.
  • Companies with many locations have the opportunity to participate in the pilot phase of "Biodiversity-oriented design for multiple locations". Here, we analyse and standardise the management of premises and test different BOP options.
  • Cities and municipalities receive support in setting up initiatives for BOP.
  • Your company premises are already close to nature? We are looking for good examples to convince more companies!
  • We are looking for planners and implementers of biodiversity-oriented design, which we can recommend to companies during the initial assessment.

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